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Dear Customer:

Quality Technology is a newly established company with over 25 years of combined telecommunication and electrical engineering experience.  We have established our product and service portfolio based on the demand of our markets.  Q-Tech represents an energetic, innovative technical solution, maintenance provider and product sales. Quality is a fundamental element of our company. Unquestionably, our quality policy is not just to our products but also to our processes, services, and our work environment.
Our mission:

  • To provide our Customers with quality Telecommunications products and services by ensuring that our staff and suppliers are dedicated to, and share that same commitment.
  • The drive to restore integrity

Our values:

  • Customers are the driving force
  • People are our strength
  • Quality is in every aspect
  • Innovation fuels our future
  • Accountability brings clarity 

With our laser-like focus on quality, we continuously prioritize our actions, balancing all the needs of our customers - including timeliness, value, feature-richness, and reliability. We foster long-term relationships with our customers, understanding their business thoroughly and earning their trust. Above all, we are driven to continuously improve - never satisfied with "good enough,” but with customer satisfaction management.

We are confident that we can provide the best service on the market because of our company’s profile background history in terms of our staff experience in overall management processes, project management, engineering, project supervision, consultation and budget management.  We are here to serve you as our clients and we are constantly reworking our efforts to improve our services in order to expand our services business, and implementing an advanced infrastructure that provides the foundation for transforming our business performance.